crossword puzzles by hazel virdó

[collab] prefix with dep

this is my first collab: my partner Elipsis has written tons of puzzles for me, but this is the first time we’ve written a puzzle together.

credit for the theme goes to him; i swooped in to help redo the fill after noticing a spelling mistake in a themer, then got to do the best part wrote a bunch of clues.

check out the puzzle over on XXXWordInfo.

[guest] pun-geon

my long-time friend Kirr has constructed an impressive debut puzzle that i’m happy to be hosting as the first guest post on puz-zel. in their words:

I really enjoyed Hazel’s first puzzle on this site—enough that it inspired me to take a stab at constructing one of my own! Here’s the result!

Kirr’s voice, with all its clever wordplay and cheeky humor, comes right through in their puzzle. add that to the playful theme (and the lack of proper nouns in the fill) and, naturally, i loved it. i hope you do, too.

read more & try the puzzle.

descriptivist in the streets, prescriptivist in the sheets

my first published puzzle on my brand new website. i registered a clever domain that portmanteaus with my name and everything.

this puzzle’s theme spotlights one of my favorite linguists. i don’t have much more to say about it other than notice me senpai.

read more & try the puzzle.